An emotional Lucia di Lammermooor in Naples


Il 27 marzo su Bachtrack di Lorenzo Fiorito 

In the title role was Maria Grazia Schiavo, whose agile and pignant voice was able to show off an impressive technique, from the impalpable whisper to generous fullness. Schiavo has all the essential qualities of this coloratura soprano (a full and warm middle register, an extensive range, graceful staccato and agile leaps and trills and an overall beauty of tone). Her “Regnava nel silenzio”, was full of lyricism and pathos, and her dramatic portrayal of Lucia increased progressively until the Mad Scene, where the Neapolitan soprano was wise in not exaggerating the vocal and dramatic tone, and was therefore able to render the different nuances of sensitivity and pain that make Lucia such a complex and fascinating character.

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